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Branding, Marketing & Communications Committee

ChairGlenn Tan

Garry Lam

Glenn Lim

Leck Kwong Joo

IP Innovation Forum Committee

Chair, Glenn Tan

Vice Chair, Wendy Low

Andrea Chiu

Glenn Lim

Alan Ng

Dr. Rex Yeap

Esther Wee

Franchise & Licensing Committee

Chair, Glenn Lim

Garry Lam

Esther Wee

IIPCC SG Connect Committee

IKR Committee

IP Financing & Valuation Committee

Chair, Andy Wee

Glenn Tan

Matthew English

Dr. Rex Yeap

Esther Wee

Co-ChairMun Siong Yoong

Co-ChairVijey Ananda

Matthew English

Jason Loh

IP Innopreneurship & Education Committee

Chair, Dr. Rex Yea

Ng Kim Tean

Esther Wee

Special Projects Team

Co-Chair, Alan Ng

Co-Chair, Esther Wee

Startup Committee

Trade Secrets Standards & Policy Committee

Regulatory & Technology Committee

ChairSteven Chua

Remi Choong

Andy Wee

Dr. Bert Grobben

Glenn Tan

Chair, Dr. Rendy Tan

Matthew English

Wendy Low

Esther Wee

Chair, KK Lim

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