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It is with our most sincere condolences that we announce the passing of “Kris” Gyeongjin GHIL, chairman of our Korean chapter. Mr Ghil has always been an inspiration and guiding light to our community both in Korea and abroad. 

Mr. Ghil was generous with his time and knowledge, and he will be missed by all us both personally and as an organization.


IIPCC believes that it is imperative that all who medically can in the world be vaccinated against COVID-19 as quickly as possible and we applaud the unprecedented speed at which new COVID-19 vaccines were created by companies worldwide.  
IIPCC believes that in the long-term, reliable IP protection ensures continued vaccine innovation and investment. 

IIPCC believes that a successful IP system necessarily balances short-term and long-term benefits for capital-intensive innovative research, startup investment, university-industry collaboration agreements, etc. and is most effective when it leads to predictability for investment. 

In addition to the “traditional” vaccines, IIPCC recognizes that the main “new technologies” (e.g., mRNA) vaccine candidates result from either startup investment or university-industry collaboration: 

Pfizer’s vaccine was developed by a startup company, BioNTech
Moderna is a startup and developed their own vaccine
AstraZeneca’s vaccine came from a research collaboration with Oxford University. 
IIPCC believes that short-term COVID-19 vaccine supply is constrained primarily by raw material supplies, machinery supplies, and the tech transfer of expertise/quality assurance/know-how bottlenecks, not by patent rights. 

Thus, IIPCC believes that patent waivers will not actually increase vaccine supply in the short-term.

It is with heavy hearts that the IIPCC community observes the passing of Q. Todd Dickson.  He was a fierce advocate both in public and private service, but always generous with his time for causes that he believe in.  He helped guide many and his passing leaves us with one less beacon to guide us.  We were honored that he joined us for many of our events to share his learned thoughts and will never forget the teachings that he shared when he was with us. 


Effective immediately, IIPCC has revoked the IIPCC Chapter license for IIPCC HK with Simon Mak 
                                                                                                                                                             -Dec 01, 2017

Effective immediately, IIPCC has revoked the IIPCC Chapter license for Shanghai, China with Alan Young and Freya Shen. IIPCC is no longer associated with, and has ended its relationship with Alan Young and Freya Shen.
                                                                                                                                                            -Aug 17, 2017

IIPCC and Singapore’s IP Academy have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create a joint Advanced IP Strategist Certification.

Students wishing to obtain this certification need to first successfully complete IIPCC’s IP Business Commercialization Certification program then successfully complete a series of IP Academy courses in Singapore.

Noted Ms Chiam Lu Lin, Executive Director, IP Academy, “we are excited to be working with IIPCC to develop more IP expertise internationally and promote IP tourism to Singapore.” Added Mr. Johnson Kong, IIPCC, “IP Academy is the perfect partner for us given their stellar reputation, experience and superb facilities. This allows us to marry our expertise in IP commercialization with IP Academy’s world class content to create the next generation of expert IP Knowledge workers”

                                                                                                                                                       -August 25, 2015

Effective immediately, IIPCC has revoked the IIPCC Chapter license for Korea with Johney Kim (and Korea Intellectual Property Commercialization Council (KIPCC)).

IIPCC is no longer associated with, and has ended its relationship with Johney Kim (and KIPCC).

                                                                                                                                                           -June 26, 2015

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