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About Us

The International Intellectual Property Commercialization Council (“IIPCC”) is a global, apolitical, non-partisan, non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) providing a platform for the innovator, entrepreneur/enterprise and intellectual property (“IP”) communities to increase their understanding of IP; and to gather resources for unleashing the value and realizing the commercialization potentials of their creative and innovative IP into products, services, and or processes to benefit societies worldwide. We call this “IP-Innopreneurship”™.


We embrace innovation and its IP that promote inclusiveness and balanced sustainable economic growth, protect the environment, directly create quality jobs for all social strata, and improve quality of life. This is what value creation of IP should be and what we strive to achieve.


At IIPCC, we offer a trusted global social network that brings the innovation and the business world together through IP. It facilitates the circulation of innovations and their IP in an entrepreneurial ecosystem for IP commercialization to benefit one’s community and communities around the world.


IIPCC’s mission is to provide a balanced offering of services and activities that promote:


  • IP education for innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and professionals

  • Good IP practices and standards toward certification for effective commercialization in the regional and global markets

  • Innovation, entrepreneurship, networking and collaboration for shared interests in IP commercialization opportunities


IIPCC comprises a highly structured network that enables interaction and encourages innovation and commercialization at all levels: local, regional, and international. IIPCC is the first global IP commercialization “think tank”. Moreover, it is not a “charity”, but organizes activities that benefit charitable causes.

The ability to protect and develop intellectual property (IP) from innovation into economic and social prosperity is the core competency for economies, innovators, and enterprises around the world to serve their respective societies.


IP, innovation, and entrepreneurship on their own provide limited stimulus to social and economic progress. But when they act in concert through collaborative efforts, they bring successful IP commercialization, through which their combined impacts multiply many folds in driving the growth of a knowledge-based IP economy.

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