Board of Executive Advisors

Dr. Günther Marten

Dr. Richard Thurston


Adam Bieniek

Dr. Jeff Langer

Deborah Biber (Ms.) – Special Consultant  

Jin-Ki Park
K Yip
Mark Lanning
Michael Lim

Ruchira Gupta (Ms.)
Steve Krause


Brian Cheng
Donald Chan
Ettore Giannuzzi
Dr. Gabriele Spina Ali
Hugo Li
Jennifer Chen (Mrs.)

Karishma Mirchandani (Ms.)
Ken Lau
Michael Amerine
Preksha Gupta (Ms.)

Richard Park
Ridhee Gupta (Ms.)

Ron Yu
Terry Lau

Vanessa Ziea (Ms.)
Yuri Choe (Ms.)
ZhiQiang Wang

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