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Education Programs

As IP is critical in today’s global economy and is rapidly changing the business world, IP education is absolutely essential.

IIPCC’s Education Programs are designated to help participants better understand IP and use IP to protect the fruits of their creative endeavors.

Our program incorporates a variety of experts, such as IP workers, patent attorneys, patent advisors as well as CEOs, innovators, professors and experienced content developers, in order to give the participants a well-rounded understanding and knowledge of IP.

IIPCC offers group seminars, specialized seminars and online IP Education:

Group Seminars
At our International and Regional Seminars lecturers from a variety of fields and backgrounds will speak about various topics of importance in order to educate on current and relevant issues. All Seminars will include Group Discussions, which offer a less formal and greater analysis of issues, while allowing diverse views in which many members can learn a great deal of information.

Specialized Seminars
Seminars at actual Chapters of IIPCC can focus on topics that are of particular interest to them and their members.International as well as local speakers provide highly focused and detailed lectures and are available for questions and further elaboration. Seminar curriculums can be divided into three different levels – Novice, Intermediate, Advanced – upon request.

Available for free to all members of IIPCC. Video Archives of the most recent and significant lectures from International and Regional Seminars along with the Case Study Databank, in which members can review according to a specific IP type (Patent, Copyright, Trademark) and also upload their own case studies, are available free to all IIPCC members.

Business & IP Series

By Dr. Günther Marten

Business and IP - Season 1

Business and IP - Season 1

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