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The International IP Commercialization Council ("IIPCC”) or International IP Commercialization Council Limited is an independent* global non-profit non-partisan non-government organization ("NGO"). The World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO") of the United Nations ("UN") accredited IIPCC as a permanent observer and is a WIPO "Green" (a WIPO department) partner and advisor.

IIPCC's missions are education on the vital economic importance of Innovation with Intellectual Property ("IP") and Entrepreneurship; best practices and standards for commercialization of intangible assets; and a platform for commercialization of IP – gainful jobs. As a “think-tank”, it is currently headquartered in Hong Kong.


IIPCC fulfills its global mission through local chapters worldwide.  All authorized chapters are licensed by the IIPCC.  In order to maintain their license, local chapters must serve with the highest integrity and comply with all local rules and regulations of the country where they operate including registration with appropriate government bodies when required.  


*IIPCC is self-funded global NGO and therefore does not represent any particular “interest group”.

Please note that our site only lists officially licensed IIPCC Chapters. Beware of sites promoting Chapters that are not officially part of the IIPCC Community. If you are unsure, please contact us at


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