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Chapters & Membership

Form a Local Chapter

By harnessing the expertise and network of its chapters and members around the world, IIPCC strives to achieve its mission to improve humanity by promoting a seamless exchange and circulation of IP and innovations.

If you are interested in starting a new chapter of IIPCC in your area, please contact us and we will provide you with needed information.

Where appropriate, we will arrange a meeting for you with members of the IIPCC Board for a face-to-face interview, followed by the Board’s final review of the application and determination on recognition of the chapter.

Each local chapter will have the freedom and power to provide services to its members, subject to IIPCC Board’s approval for non-routine activities.

  • Each local chapter not only represents IIPCC in their region but also brings together members with common interest in the commercialization of IP and a belief that innovation is the key to global economic prosperity.

  • Local chapters host committee meetings to address members’ needs and concerns and to seek solutions. Chapters then report and reflect their members’ concerns at annual regional and
    international committee meetings so that they may be discussed and reflected upon from broader and different perspectives.​
  • Local chapters provide online and offline educational programs and seminars related to IP.

  • Local chapters organize social activities and networking events for members to network with other professionals and business leaders.

  • Local chapters should strive to maintain open channels of communications with local government and business leaders. 

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