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Mr. Duncan CHIU

Duncan is the President of the Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council (HKITJC), the Chairman of Lai Yuen Company Limited and the Managing Director of Radiant Venture Capital Limited. He graduated from Pepperdine University in the United States with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Over the years, he has been enthusiastic about participating in IT, cultural and entertainment related investment projects and also social affairs.

For the last 20 years, Duncan has been actively engaged in the IT sector and
has invested in technology corporations and start-ups in Greater China, North
America and Israel. A number of them have been listed on the stock exchanges
in Hong Kong and overseas. In 2014, he co-founded Radiant Venture Capital
which mainly invests in early-stage tech startups and now has more than 30
technology startup investments in its portfolio.

As the President of HKITJC, Duncan also regularly participates in and organises
technology and entrepreneurship exchanges and sharing activities and
frequently serves as mentor of startup companies. Supporting innovation and
entrepreneurship development in Hong Kong, making recommendations and
suggestions on the government's IT policies and promoting China-Hong Kong
integration are HKITJC's main advocacies.

Duncan also participates in several other roles regarding the establishment of
the Greater Bay Area. In March of 2018, Duncan was appointed as Chief
Representative of Hengqin Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Representative Office. In July of the same year, HKITJC and One Country Two Systems Research Institute jointly composed a research report on the innovation and technology development of the Greater Bay Area and explored the role and opportunity for Hong Kong. There were more than a hundred proposals and suggestions for innovation and technology policy and strategic development of the Greater Bay Area.

In addition, HKITJC has organised various events over the years. In 2017, it
hosted "Delegation of the Hong Kong Leaders in Innovation and Technology
Sectors" in Beijing with the aim for encouraging exchanges, improving
understanding of Mainland's IT development and strengthening communication within the industry.


Mr. Frank LEE

Frank is the co-founder of the International IP Commercialization Council HK (GBA) Chapter. 

He is a part-qualified UK patent attorney at Marks & Clerk (HK). He specializes in patents and designs, and has extensive experience dealing with mechanical, biomedical, electrical, electronics, computer, and software innovations. He works closely with Engineers, Scientists, Academics, and Entrepreneurs in the region. 

Frank is actively involved in the local and regional startup scene. He is a regular speaker and a mentor for various local and regional accelerator programs, including the Founder Institute, one of the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator.

Before joining the IP profession, Frank was a Researcher at the MRI Research Lab at the University of Hong Kong, focused on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems and applications as well as signal and image processing. Previously, Frank served as an in-house IP manager/director at Techtronic Industries, a leading global power tool and electronic equipment manufacturer, where he managed the IP portfolio for APAC and EMEA regions as well as enforcement of IP assets and other contentious matters.

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Mr. Pan Wong

Mr. Pan Wong co-founder of the International IP Commercialization Council HK
(GBA) Chapter.  

Pan was the head for South East Asia and Hong Kong business for CPA Global
(top IP solution company that handles over 60% of global IP renewal). His
responsibilities included advising IP professionals and IP lawyers on
matters in IP management strategy and provide supprt to law firms and
corporations throughout the whole IP lifecycle.

Pan has two decade experience in IT security and IP working in industry
leading companies, he frequently represented companies speaking in various
seminars and workshops.

Prior to IIPCC (GBA (HK) he volunteered in varies Hong Kong originated NGOs
and Associations in the director roles to help on fund raising and
organizing events for members since 2003.
He is a Hong Kong native and a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa,

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