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Dr. Andre GORIUS

Dr. Andre Gorius is the president of IIPCC (France, Belgium & Luxembourg) chapter. He has over 30 years of experience in IP Valuation and IP Strategy in multi-national companies in the US and Europe, particularly France. He is a founding member and Board member of AMAVI (Association for Management and Valuation of Intangibles).

Andre created the position of an Intellectual Assets Valorization Director where he was responsible for all IP valuation concerning M&A, acquisition, sale and licensing of IP assets, tax and transfer pricing and litigation support. He was instrumental in creating the IP Valuation Committee of LES (Licensing Executives Committee) France, and chaired the worldwide LESI IP Valuation Committee from 2017 to 2022. 

Andre is invited as a keynote speaker and panelist by many institutions and organizations. He is an International IP Valuation Expert for WIPO, teaches Intangible Assets Valuation at EM Lyon Business School (France), and IP Valuation to professionals globally. He has collaborated on several books on IP Valuation such as "Practical Guide to Successful Intellectual Property Valuation and Transactions" and "Handbook on Intangibles: Accounting, Reporting, and Valuation".

Andre is a graduate of Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, 1985), where he obtained the titles of « Docteur de Troisième Cycle » and « Professeur Agrégé » in Physics. In 1988, he obtained his PhD (“Doctorat d’Etat ès Sciences”) in Chemical Engineering.

Andre currently acts as an independent consultant and advisor to companies ranging from start-ups to large multinationals on IP valuation, R&D and IP strategy. He is President of GOVALIA, CEO of JMB SAS, Partner at WINNOTEK, and Founding and Board Member, AMAVI (Association for Management and Valuation of Intangibles).


Mr. Michel DEWOLFS

Michel Dewolfs is the Co-founder of IIPCC (France, Belgium & Luxembourg) Chapter. He has vast experience as a banker having worked with Gemeentekrediet Belgian Bank & ABN AMRO Bank, including their Amsterdam head office, and was responsible for SME, Operations and transition to electronic banking.

Michel is an Interim & Crisis manager active in Project & Program Management having worked with companies like DHL, Belgian Post, BNP Paribas, among others.

Michel was introduced to IP and 'intangibles' in 2004 @ Areopa where at that moment 77 econometric formulae were created to express the future value of a company. 

Michel is Founder of World Intellectual Capital Initiative (WICI) Belgium and member of WICI-Europe & WICI World. He is also a member of IFRS, Belgium.
Michel is currently involved with IP and IP valuation.

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