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Mr. Calvin YANG

Mr. Calvin YANG is the Chairman of IIPCC Taipei Chapter. He is the managing partner of Join Intl Law Office, a law corporation which specialize in Intellectual Property, business and investment, corporates and merger/acquisition laws. He is also a registered attorney and patent agent in Taiwan, and he is the current executive director of the Taiwan Bar Association (TWBA), assuming the commissioner of TWBA Intellectual Property Rights Committee.

Mr. YANG works in the area of law practice for 20 years. He attaches importance to communicate with Industry. He is also the member of TJABC, CCICS, CPMAH and director of IPIC. He has conducted many conference and seminars on IP/trade secret with different organizations. His Clients include multinational corporation, companies from diverse industries include semiconductor, IT, biotechnology, electronics, financial and cultural innovation. During his term of chairman, he corporates with ITRI and NTHU, providing Hsinchu Bar Association the course of technology lawyer. Through the course, the attorneys can develop the area of IP and technical law practice.


Mr. YANG holds degrees of EMBA from Tulane University, and Law from University of Taiwan.

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