Patricia Wei-Leng CHUNG


Patricia is the President of IIPCC Malaysia and the Founding Partner of Messrs Chung Chambers, a law firm specialising in Intellectual Property. She is a practising lawyer and registered IPs Agent in Malaysia. She is a member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb-UK & Malaysia branch), an associate of Malaysia Institute of Arbitrators and an Accredited Mediator of Malaysian Bar Mediation Centre. While serving the Penang Women Commerce of Chambers (PWCC), IT Sub-Committee of Penang Bar Committee and the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), she is also a member of Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM). Besides, she is an appointed Honorary Legal Advisor for Small & Medium Enterprise Association (SAMENTA). She is well-versed in both the litigation and non-litigation fronts of IP law and held a diverse portfolio as a litigation lawyer contributed a number of Reported Malaysian Cases involving IP Infringement including a Patent Infringement case involving Lumileds, corporate attorney advising reputable Financial Institutions and Corporate Companies throughout her 12-year legal career. 

In 2014, she was the Head of Legal Department and led the Patent Steering Committee in a Singaporean based Multi-National Companies in Semiconductor Industry. In 2015, she was invited to a press conference held by the Ministry of Domestic Trade in respect of a successful raiding operation which had led to a successful copyright infringement proceeding in criminal court handled by her. Thereafter, she has been appointed as exclusive Legal Advisor for Penang Karaoke Association (PKA) and successfully moved MyIPO (represented by the former Director of MyIPO Copyright Division) to witness the memorable MOU signing ceremony between PKA and PRISM (former copyright licensing body in Malaysia) around year 2017 in a reported press conference. Patricia was the moderator for the dialogue session among MyIPO, PKA and PRISM on that day too. Patricia’s shrewd leadership has guided Chung Chambers to be awarded “Best IP Law Firm in Malaysia for year 2015” and “Best Patent Law Firm in Malaysia for year 2016” by APAC Insider and has auspiciously invited as Key Partner of Lawtech Malaysia in year 2019. Recently, Patricia has been awarded the “Malaysia Most Impactful Young Entrepreneur Award 2020-2021” by Malaysia Profession Influential Entrepreneurs Organization (PIEO).

She is a regular speaker, mentor, judge, moderator in various workshops, panel sessions, Hackhatons, seminars, Summit Conference organised and/ or co-organised by Malaysian Bar Council, Government Authorities, Penang State Bar, WIPO ADR Singapore, MyIPO, FAOM, Vitrox Public Company, LawTech Malaysia, Universities, Law Colleges, aCAT, Accelerators including one of the well-known Seed Accelerators known as “Techstars” and Swiss Chinese Law Association (SCLA). 

Today, as an intellectual property (IP) specialist, Patricia leverages on the advancement of technology to help global clients to secure IP rights through digitalised service provision by actively appearing in the Legal Tech and FinTech space. 


Daniel LUI


Daniel is the Vice-President of IIPCC Malaysia and a Co-Founder of Lawtech Malaysia, an ecosystem building company focused on bridging and upskilling the legal industry. He is also a Partner in Fuzztrack Ventures, a private equity firm where his portfolio is on financial tech, regulatory tech and law tech. He also specialises in commercialization of IP, restructuring, mergers and acquisition and venture building. Further, he is a member of Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) focusing on Regtech in Malaysia. 

Previously, he practised 2 years as a Malaysian Corporate Lawyer where he led a legal team in an IPO at ACE Market Malaysia and oversaw 10+ M&A transactions. He was also called to the bar at the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn as a Barrister-at-law at England and Wales. 

Throughout his journey, he has organised 2 successful legal tech hackathons, 1 Lawtech summit conference and produced over 35 teams in the process with some teams obtaining investments. Building the ecosystem, he has worked with both domestic and international regulators to promote innovation and technology into the legal industry of Malaysia such as the Bar Council of Malaysia, Bar Council of Penang, Law Society of Hong Kong, Singapore Academy of Law, APAC Legal Innovation Tech Association (ALITA), Legal Hackers, Nordic Regtech Association and New Zealand Legal Tech Association.  He also formed the first lawtech fellowship with now over 30 fellows from diverse backgrounds focused in transforming the legal industry with innovation and tech. Further, he has presented at the World Regtech Summit and Fintech association roundtables in Hong Kong and Singapore to align, promote and collaborate on an APAC level to grow fintech, lawtech and regtech. 

Further into his other role, Daniel focuses on advising foreign tech transfers projects, commercialization of IP for patents by GL universities and structuring investment for businesses in Malaysia. He also serves as a member of the Youth Task Force Steering Committee under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia.  

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Jenna Huey Ching BEH


Jenna is the Chief Strategy Officer of IIPCC Malaysia. She is also recognized as one of the Top 14 Fintech Influencers in Malaysia & Top 100 Women in Fintech (Global). She specialises in Regulatory Technology (co-authored a book on the subject) and in Fintech & Innovation.
In 2016, Jenna was the first to be given the responsibility to drive and build the fintech ecosystem in the Fintech team in MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation). Her role primarily focuses on raising Foreign Direct Investment, creating a fertile ecosystem for Fintech’s to bloom and stakeholder management with industry experts, regulators, financial institutions, accelerator, investors, startups/scaleups and academic institutions both locally and internationally. This includes the work of shaping and creating the first Fintech Hub (Orbit) in Malaysia. Prior to joining the fintech world, Jenna was the youngest partner in her law firm which focuses on corporate (IPO), litigation, human rights and family law.
Part of her tech journey includes co-founding tech companies. Among her work in this area, Jenna launched the first fintech challenge with Association of Islamic Banking and Financial Institutions Malaysia
(AIBIM) under the patronage of the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara) in Sasana Kijang, as a launchpad for the country’s foray into the Fintech world.
Jenna is the co-founder and CEO for FortNynja, a cybersecurity company based in Australia that is expanding regionally, Jenna's mission is to solve the problems in the cybersecurity area and data privacy in industries such as finance and banking, space and others. She is also the co-founder for Tech Law Sdn Bhd (Lawtech Malaysia) with ties to ASEAN and APAC Legal Tech players. Currently, Jenna is serving as the Regtech Chair in Fintech Association of Malaysia (part of APAC Regtech Network with Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan Fintech Associations). She is also the Strategist for Malaysian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (MVCA).


Choo-Hun ONG


Choo-Hun is the Chief Technology Officer of IIPCC Malaysia and currently with HPE Aruba. He has an extensive experience in the Operation Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) Space.  However, prior to majoring in Information Technology, he was a Certified Registered Financial Planner (RFP) for Prudential Assurance while holding 4 licenses from the Malaysian Insurance Institute including FMUTM.  During those years in financial, though graduating from UK with the Electronics Engineering Bachelor Hons. Degree, he completed his Diploma in Commerce (which covering Economics, Taxation, Law and Marketing) to help him further understand about Malaysia’s economic landscape.

After leaving the financial vertical, he joined Motorola as software engineer before moving into OT space after 2 years by joining an automation company (machine builder - Ixmation) as System Control Engineer.  During that 2 years, he was heavily involved in software writing for the PLC using ladder programming and C for the PROFACE to integrate with the mechanical devices (sensors, power generator, valves, etc) and designing the electrical orange board which runs 400V to power up the machine.  Besides, he has to travel across countries such as Germany, India, and Thailand to support and work closely with customers.

In year 2011, he first exposed to IT space by selling SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions as a Presales to both the Malaysia and Singapore market.  2 years later he was offered to join Cisco into the IT space, majoring in 4 main vertical segmentation namely, IP Networking Infrastructure (hardware), collaboration, cybersecurity, and Data Center as Territory Account Manager dealing directly with customers from diversify sectors such as Oil & Gas, Education, Conglomerate, Real Estate. Thereafter, he focused more in the FSI and Retailer segments.

After Cisco, he then moved to be dominant into Cloud Big Data and Cybersecurity.  In 2019, he initiated a joint event with Cisco Vietnam to bring a unique cloud solution to penetrate the Vietnam market in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. While appreciating the importance of continuous professional development and his continuous passion into IT and OT, he has recently obtained a few certifications in respect of Cloud solutions, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and some of the big brands of Cybersecurity. His diverse and vast experience and qualifications made him fully understand how all facets of business and IT inter-related.

With his vast knowledge from technology to the economy commerce over the years which is in parallel to the current and future evolution of the world, a Smart Digitization World that connects everything and everyone, he also involved in the technical advisory and specifications drafting on patent cases with legal firm. 


Yee-Yeong TEE


Tee-Yee Yis the Secretary of IIPCC Malaysia. She graduated first class In Bachelor of Engineering from University Kebangsaan Malaysia, majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. At the same time, she also pursued the professional chartered accounting certification.  

Her first experience was with the refinery plant in the oil and gas industry where she was part of the team to design the storage tank construction. After graduated from the university, she decided to pursue her interest as a professional accountant and was offered a position in one of the big four audit firms (KPMG).

Her niche specialty combination, as a graduate engineer and professional accountant, gives her the extra credibility and competency in the consulting field. The in-depth understanding of finance and engineering enabled Ms. Yee Yeong to analyse business operations and financial number in a holistic manner.


Catherine Thaim-Lee TAN


Catherine is the Treasurer and Executive Committee of IIPCC Malaysia and currently wearing the hat as Regional Business Consultant in the international corporate secretarial division of Indah International Group of companies.

Catherine obtained her Licensed Secretary from the Companies Commission of Malaysia since 2001 and further obtained her Bachelor in Accounting (UK) in 2002. She then duly registered her membership with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants in 2010 and thereafter obtained her Master in Business Administration. 

Catherine has acquired more than 20 years of experience in Malaysia secretarial practices in the area of corporate restructuring, corporate secretarial and business advisory. In her recent 7 years of practices, she is providing regional business advisory and also international corporate business and secretarial support to clients doing wish to expand their business in the international jurisdictions, e.g. Hong Kong, Labuan, China, Southeast Asia etc.


Roy Sze-Chern FOO 


Roy Foo is the Project Manager of IIPCC Malaysia. Roy started his career as a mechanical engineer, working in the manufacturing sector, specifically in Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and aerospace industry. During his tenure as an engineer, Roy was tasked to streamline a great deal of manufacturing processes via lean six sigma methodologies. 

Prior to joining the consulting industry, Roy joined the Islamic banking services industry where he was assigned to strategic management and business development under the CEO’s office for close to three (3) years. By combining his engineering heuristics with his financial acumen, he helped develop business improvement strategies, identify operational gaps and target new business opportunities within the Islamic financial markets. 

Roy has been educated in four (4) different countries and speaks four different languages, namely English, Chinese, Malay and German. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Germany and a secondary focus in Managerial and Financial Accounting from the United Kingdom. 

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