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Mr. Emmanuel KEDI BEH 

Emmanuel is the Cofounder and National Coordinator of IIPCC Cameroon. He began his IP practice as an IP Accredited Attorney to the OAPI office in 2005. In the same year Emmanuel co-founded with Mr. Eugene BALEMAKEN the IP law firm SCP BALEMAKEN & Associates and is the managing director of the firm since. In 2006, Emmanuel became a part-time lecturer on copyright law in the Pan African Institute of Arts, addressing topics such as industrial design law and copyrights law for students enrolled in the fashion and design college.


In 2007, he became an IP independent consultant for a Canadian development project in Cameroon (VarNast Projet) on the valorization of non-timber forestry products and genetic resources by intellectual property tools and labels, a project run by the African Model Forest Network (RAFM). Emmanuel founded in 2014, CABINET IMPACT, a law, and consultancy firm specialized in studies, counselling, and training. From 2014 to 2018, he was appointed as the lead IP consultant to the Cameroon government, notably the Ministry of Industries (MINMIDT).  


Other responsibilities he took upon includes consultant to WIPO (UN), the Secretary-General of the Association of Authorised Agents at OAPI (AMOAPI), IP legal Consultant at the Bantu Blockchain Foundation, and a member of the European Patent Office Standing Advisory Committee (SACEPO Working Party on Quality, Africa/Middle East countries). Emmanuel holds a Masters in Intellectual Property (IP) Law from University of Yaoundé II - Soa, Cameroon.



Bertrand’s background is in business law, financial law, arbitration law, African cyberspace law, and intellectual property law. His  professional career had rich focus and practical experience in intellectual property. Bertrand was an intellectual property trainee at the Directorate of Technological Development and Industrial Property at the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development of Cameroon, and thereafter at the African Intellectual Property Organisation (OAPI). He became an Industrial Property Attorney in 2005 and a registered agent with OAPI in 2007. Bertrand co-founded an intellectual property firm in which he ensure the protection and defence of all his clients' intellectual property assets. He is also the Deputy Secretary-General of the Association of Authorised Agents at OAPI (AMOAPI), where he participate in the organization of several activities and workshops related to the promotion and enhancement of the intellectual property.


Bertrand co-organized and trained in the fight against counterfeiting, in collaboration with INTERPOL (Central Africa in Yaoundé), the Groupement inter patronal du Cameroun (GICAM), the Customs, and currently a sworn Criminal Experts. In the meantime, as the Manager of a French franchise in Cameroon, he co-founded with other colleagues, a business engineering firm where he ran strategy and Intellectual Property Management Consultation for companies. Bertrand decided to join the executive team of IIPCC Cameroon because of his firm believe that good IP commercialization naturally stimulates economic growth and improved quality of life, for all.


Mr. Derrick TEBOH 

Derrick took an interest in issues related to IP when he joined the Cameroon Network of Human Rights Organizations (RECODH) in 2018. His attention was highly focalized on the valorization of IP Rights of youths, women, and disabled persons. In the year 2018, he represented RECODH in a project entitled “youth and civic leadership” organized by the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC) in Cameroon. The project was aimed at instilling a spirit of creativity in the minds of the Cameroonian youths.  


In 2019, Derrick became a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Yaoundé II-Soa, where he assisted, inter alia in the teaching of intellectual property law. In that same year, Derrick was appointed as a part-time lecturer at CITEC where he currently teaches Intellectual Property law to H.N.D students. In 2020, he became a part-time lecturer at AGENLA Academy where he currently teaching Intellectual Property law to H.N.D students. Derrick holders a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Yaoundé II-Soa.



Darly holds of a Masters in Management Sciences and a Masters in Banking and Management from the University of Yaoundé II. He  started coordinating tutorials for first-year students in General Accounting in 2010.


In 2011, he held the position of Administrative and Financial Director at EASYCOM SOLUTIONS, where he set up treasury tools and administrative procedures.

From 2013 until today, he became an accounting and financial consultant within the auditing firm FPWELL where he led several projects such as the distribution of petroleum products, the setting up of an agri-food industry, and also the accompaniment of some structures in the creation and support in their management system. 

Since 2014, he taught as a part-time teacher at:

  • The Institut Universitaire Catholique Sainte Thérèse de Yaoundé (INUCASTY) 

  • The University Institute of Petroleum Management

  • The Regional Institute of DSM Business School (IRDSM)

Darly’s responsibilities include audit several local companies and represent them in accounting, financial, and tax matters.


Ms. Catherine Minette BISSAMA BAYA 

Catherine began IP practice as an IP Accredited Attorney to the OAPI office in 2005; In 2005, She worked as IP Expert in the Cameroonian Ministry in charge of Industry (MINMIDT). Two years later she co-founded with five Co-associates an IP law firm known as AFRIC'INTEL CONSULTING. In 2010 due to family reasons, she left the firm and decided to work as a consultant with Lawyers where she managed their IP Department. She contributed to the study to fight against counterfeiting in Cameroon in 2014 under the MINMIDT. Catherine is a member of the Expert Committee for the project on the compulsory registration of trade names in Cameroon with MINMIDT. She was a member of the Committee for the implementation of the resolutions of the national week against counterfeiting (MINMIDT).


In 2015, she started her Ph.D. program at the University of Yaoundé II- SOA and her subject of the study was the Protection of the PFNL Natural resources by Intellectual Property Right: The case study of the Gnetum africanum in Cameroon. In 2017, she became an IP independent consultant for a Cameroonian writer in copyright litigation with a Canadian Editor. In 2018, she joined the Association of genius entrepreneurs of Africa ASIENA where she is now in charge of Legal Affairs and particularly Intellectual Property. In 2019, she became an INTA Member of the copyright Committee. Still 2019, she is a consultant for an African web platform called REVEIL D'AFRIQUE where she is a panellist in their program “ECLAIRVIRTUEL” addressing topics such as the IP solution in the fight against cyber criminality in Africa.


Catherine holds a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property (IP) Law from the University of Yaoundé II-Soa Cameroon.


Mr. Christian Fru NGANG 

Christian is a creative Social Entrepreneur, innovator, and WASH Engineer with experience in designing and implementing low-cost water treatment and sanitation systems. As an intern in Bi-Water, UK, he designed and developed a low-cost water filter for mini-treatment plants in Cameroon. He is the founder and CEO of the Social Enterprise Research and Development Without Borders in Cameroon focused on water sanitation and hygiene.


Mr. Valerie BIKEK NUM 

Valerie manages IP portfolios and administrative tasks in Cabinet BALEMAKEN & Associates.  

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