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The US Chapters of the International IP Commercialization Counsel (IIPCC) is proud to present:

"Promoting Innovation, Investment and Job Growth by Fixing America’s

Patent System"

Monday May 8, 2017 at the United States, Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.
1pm Registration, 1:30pm-6pm Program, 6-7:30pm Networking Reception



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For more than two centuries, Americans have been the beneficiaries of an economic system that is the envy of the world, and the U.S. patent system has served as an important cornerstone in that American entrepreneurs, one after another for generations, have invented and patented new products and services, and have created new companies to commercialize their inventions for the benefit of everyone in this country, and indeed the world. Unfortunately, now our patent system may no longer be providing the protection and incentives necessary to entice investors and entrepreneurs to assume the enormous risks that inhere in the creation of many new technologies and new companies. In the last eight years the U.S. patent system has been piece-meal transformed by well -intended patent reform initiatives. Unfortunately, these changes in aggregate have also led to significant unintended consequences. A decline in the reliability of patents is contributing to a waning of entrepreneurial energy and a decline in the risk tolerance of American investors and entrepreneurs.  As a result, investment capital is moving increasingly to products and services with shorter time horizons and lower risk. This shift has profound implications for the long-term U.S. economy, as China, Korea, Germany and other countries expand the role that patents play in their economies with ambitious plans to displace American dominance of technology in the years to come.

This program will explore the direct and essential role that strong and enforceable ‘good patents’ play in allowing investors and entrepreneurs to justify the high levels of risk that drive innovation.  Our speakers will suggest changes that need to be implemented immediately if America is to maintain the    technological dominance that we have enjoyed since the early 1900s.  The program will target U.S policy makers, press, CEOs, economists, investors, IP-professionals, and the general public in plain language directed to all who play a part in forming and executing governmental policies that have a critical impact on our economic future.  This event is a must-attend for anyone who wants to put Americans back to work and to provide inventors, entrepreneurs and those that fund them the fair opportunity to succeed in an ever more competitive global landscape.

Program Schedule on May 8th:


1-1:30pm – Registration & Networking (light refreshments available)

1:30-1:45 pm – Welcome – Rob Aronoff, US Director, IIPCC

1:45-2:00pm – Presentation by Prof. Carl Schramm – Entrepreneurship, IP and the benefits to the U.S. economy

2:00-2:55pm – Panel One: The impact of uncertainty and negative attitudes towards IP rights on U.S. business

      Moderator: Bruce Berman (IP CloseUp, Center for IP Understanding)
      o Manny W. Schecter (IBM)
      o Phil Johnson (J&J)
      o Marshall Phelps (Center for IP Understanding)
      o Bob Pavey (Morgenthaler Ventures)
      o Laurie Self (Qualcomm)

2:55-3:10pm – BREAK ONE – light refreshments and networking

3:10-3:30pm – Feature CEO/Entrepreneur Presentation:

      Charles Giancarlo – The importance of strong IP to companies and investors

3:30-4:25pm – Panel Two: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Investment and IP – exploration of the challenges to the U.S. success engine

      Moderator: Art Monk (TechInsights)
      o Elvir Causevic (Houlihan Lokey Tech+IP Advisory)
      o Robert Taylor (RPT Legal Strategies)
      o Damon Matteo (Fulcrum Technology)
      o Orin Herskowitz (Columbia University)
      o Bill Elkington (Licensing Executives Society U.S.A and Canada)

4:25-4:40pm – BREAK TWO – light refreshments and networking

4:40-5:00pm – Short Presentations

      Prof. Jeffrey A Lefstin – History of patentability and the current patentability confusion
      Prof. Adam Mossoff – Why Software should be patentable

5:00-5:55pm – Panel Three: Prescriptions for Making America Competitive Again

      Moderator: Rob Sterne
      o David Kappos
      o John Whealan
      o Q. Todd Dickinson
      o Paul Michel

5:55-6pm – Quick Closing Remarks – Robert Aronoff, US Executive Director IIPCC

6-8pm – Catered reception with open bar

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