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  • Why should I get an IKR?
    Protecting your creations – your ideas, music, writing, drawings, videos, pictures, important secrets, etc. – is important, particularly in today’s knowledge economy. Wouldn’t you like to protect these as best as you can? They why not take a moment to get an IKR record for your important ideas, music, writing, drawings, videos, pictures, communications or information ? The IKR provides important evidence you can use should someone copy your creations or accuse you of copying or illegally infringing their IP because it both provides and time and date stamp and evidence that no modification (to the digital file containing your creation) was made.
  • What comprises an IKR record?
    An IKR record includes, among other things, the IKR fingerprint of your document, the name of your document, time and date stamp and your IP address.
  • What can I IKR?
    You can create an IKR record for any digital file including text, messages, images, videos, music, etc.
  • What records should I keep when I generate an IKR?
    When you IKR a file, you will receive: 1. An online acknowledgement along with the IKR fingerprint as well as 2. An email confirmation containing the IKR fingerprint, the file name and a date and time. Please keep the above records as well as a copy of the file if possible. Should you need to validate your IKR record (from IIPCC or WIPO) you may need to provide information from either the email record or online confirmation.
  • Is the IKR record for a file unique?
    The IKR fingerprint for a particular file is unique. If the file is tampered with or changed, the IKR fingerprint created for the amended file will change.
  • Is the IKR technology proven?
    The technology behind the IKR, digital hashing (also known as crytographic hashing or digital signature technology) is a well established and proven technology.
  • What happens if I do not get an email?
    If you did not receive an email after generating an IKR, this may be due to a problem with your email system, a delay in receiving the email at your end, a communications problem, or you may have entered your email address incorrectly when registering to use the IKR. Please: 1. Check your communications 2. Check the email address you used to register to use the IKR If the problem persists, please contact our IKR support.
  • What time standard does the IKR use?
    The time in the IKR time stamp is in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Does the IKR replace IP rights like copyrights, trademarks or patents?"
    No. While the IKR provides important evidence of the existence of your trade secret, copyrightable work, patentable invention, or design, it does not replace an IP right (e.g. trademarks, copyrights, patents) which is granted and protected by governments.

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