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About The IKR

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How does the IKR work?


What is the IKR fingerprint?


How & what should I IKR?

The IKR record provides Proof of Existence (PoE) of your digital document via: 


  • A unique digital fingerprint which identifies your digital document 

  • An international time and date stamp associated with the digital fingerprint 

The IKR fingerprint uniquely identifies your document with proven cryptographic technology (similar to that used in Blockchain). However, the actual content of your document is kept secret - just like a person cannot be regerenated from a fingerprint, the document can not be regerenated from the IKR fingerprint. 

The IKR proves existance without disclosure. Unlike Blockchain, the IKR fingerprint is held by a global neutral authority, WIPO (U.N.).

Using the IKR is easy, just register to use the IKR here and get started.

Use the IKR on digital files that you value – your secret ideas, designs, new compositions, recipes, etc. You can use it with any electronic document. 

How do I use the IKR if...

Whenever you have...

I am an author?

  • an idea 

  • an outline 

  • a draft 

  • an updated version of your draft for a story or book

Use the IKR!

I am a photographer or filmmaker?

  • ideas for a project 

  • a storyboard 

  • a treatment 

  • a script 

  • photographs 

  • videos 

Use the IKR!

I am a songwriter or composer?

  • a new riff

  •  new lyrics 

  • a new composition 

  • an updated version of your 

Write it down – or record it, then use the IKR!

I am an academic?

  • an idea for research 

  • research data 

  • a draft publication 

  • an updated version of your draft 

Use the IKR!

I am an engineer or inventor?

  • a new idea/invention/execution

  •  a new design 

  • an improvement 

  • a new schematic or layout 

Save the document, then use the IKR!

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