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Welcome to the “It’s Not Just IP” Blog!

How do you make money from Intellectual Property or IP? That’s not easy to answer and requires an understanding of the business, legal, and sometimes, technological aspects of the IP you are dealing with.

Business? Many will tell you that your IP can help make your company, its products and services more valuable. And that’s completely right. But many also overlook that what you do to protect your IP and enhance its value can make your company more valuable. Yet at the same time, you must not forget that IP is legal in nature. You may have legal obligations to maintain your IP, you need to be willing to enforce it otherwise it has no value. And, if the IP deals with something technological in nature, you need to look at the related technology space.

Our blog will look at the interrelationship between business, the law and technology and why you need all three to really make IP work for you.